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Re: Problems Building on Solaris 2.6

These problems have been reported using our Issue Track System
and are being worked.  See ITS#1159 for a proposed fix.


At 02:34 PM 5/23/01, Rob Lindenbusch wrote:
>I am getting the same error on Solaris 2.6 with openldap-2.0.10. I have built
>and run 2.0.7 without trouble, so it looks like it broke sometime in between 7
>and 9
>Rick wrote:
>> I can build openldap-2.0.9 without any errors, but when I "make test" I get
>> ./schema/core.schema: line 29: Unknown error: "( NAME
>> 'createTimestamp' EQUALITY generalizedTimeMatch ORDERING
>> generalizedTimeOrderingMatch SYNTAX
>> This same error orrurs even if I install ldap and try to run it. I have
>> downloaded the GNU Regex already
>> Any Ideas ???
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