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dn2id corruption

Hello all,

I am trying to import an ldif file using slapadd and I keep expreiencing
problems. It seems that the database is corrupted. I notice that when I
run slapadd and look at the dn2id.dbb file (I know its not a flat text
file, but I can run strings on it), I would expect to just see a whole
bunch of dn's. Instead I see some of the entry data (i.e. attributes and
values) which would seem to belong in id2entry. And that's what seems to
be causing the problems. Number one, amd I correct in assuming that the
dn2id should not have any attributes Number two: has anyone seen this


Yoel Spotts			yoel@vasco.com
VASCO Data Security, Inc.	http://www.vasco.com