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Re: change in behavior from 1.2.x to 2.x (was "Re: Schemacheck")


it is always dangerous to just hit the "update" button and expect the OS to
do the right thing. even if SuSE only had OpenLDAP 2.x in version 7.1 (which
michael already disproved) the problem is not OpenLDAP, it would be SuSE
forcing you into this change without warning.

by the way, RedHat has similar problems when "upgrading". it will happily
install a ton of packages you never had in your previous release. it goes
far to make sure that you use gnome, even if your previous install used KDE
and you made sure there was no trace of gnome on the system.

next time, just do a custom upgrade and select the packages you really want.


On 5/23/01 3:56, "Goetz Golla" <Goetz_Golla@genua.de> wrote:
> Regarding this topic:
> I was extremly suprised to find that on my SuSE Linux System when going
> from 7.0 to 7.1, LDAP was updated from 1.x to 2.x without warning and that
> *nothing* was working anymore. It was impossible to get any clues about
> the changes from 1.x to 2.x from www.openldap.org. It took me many days of
> work to find out that half of the replication software I had developed for
> 1.x is now useless, and I am already busy for more than a week to fix
> this.
> Well OK, for someone who is deeply into LDAP this may all be trivial and
> to be expected, but for occasional users (oocasional in the sense that
> they are not following the development of OpenLDAP very closely) I would
> have liked some more documentation and warnings on www.openldap.org on
> this very significant change.
> Goetz