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Re: problems with LDAPBrowser and OpenLDAP

On 22 May, Steven Engelhard wrote:
> Hi!
> I´m using OpenLDAP 2.0.7 and have some trouble with the client tool
> "ldapBrowser 2.8" from Jarek Gawor (www.iit.edu/~gawojar/ldap). If I use
> the ldapadd-Tool delivered with OpenLDAP I can add new entries. If I try
> to do this via ldapBrowser this operation fails. I can only browse the
> existing objects. I also tried to import existing objects via LDIF-File.
> This also fails.
> We also use Netscape Directory Server. There I can add new entries with
> the ldapBrowser.

Have you created an LDAPBROWSER connection session which uses your LDAP
"admin" (root) userid and password? If not, create a new one with the
proper user, server, and authentication information, and SAVE it. Then
use that 'session' to connect to the LDAP server in question.