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[stop | continue | break] in ACLs?

In the openldap 2.0 admin guide,


section 5.3 on ACLs,

the comments and examples are not all quite up-to-date with the syntax.

On new feature is the <control> clause:

<access directive> ::= access to <what>
                      [by <who> <access> <control>]+


<control> ::= [stop | continue | break]

Can someone say what that is for? Or where it is documented (apart from the source!)?

I imagine that somehow this new clause changes the way accesses are evaluated as in 5.3.4:

When evaluating whether some requester should be given access to an entry
and/or attribute, slapd compares the entry and/or attribute to the <what>
selectors given in the configuration file. Access directives local to the
current database are examined first, followed by global access
directives. Within this priority, access directives are examined in the
order in which they appear in the config file. Slapd stops with the first
<what> selector that matches the entry and/or attribute. The
corresponding access directive is the one slapd will use to evaluate

Next, slapd compares the entity requesting access to the <who> selectors
within the access directive selected above in the order in which they
appear. It stops with the first <who> selector that matches the
requester. This determines the access the entity requesting access has to
the entry and/or attribute.

Finally, slapd compares the access granted in the selected <access>
clause to the access requested by the client. If it allows greater or
equal access, access is granted. Otherwise, access is denied.

But how does it change it?

David Olivier
Klebs gardien Alpages CRI courrier brebis Lyon 2 Lumière