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making requests

Hi !

I'm a new open ldap user (I've just installed the
and I've added entries to the directory.
Then I use ldapsearch to view the directory content
(binding as 'cn=root, ou=...', wich is the manager ID
I've defined in the slapd.conf file. this seems to be
correct as it allowed me to add entries to the
directory)... and the server answers 'No such object'
or 'bad search filter' (depending on the way I try to
connect - anonymously or not). What do these errors
correspond to? 
Can someone give me a complete example of an ldap
search request?

Another question: In the slapd.conf file, we can
define a 'rootdn' and all its properties. does this
entry appear in the directory ? I mean can I make a
search on this particular DN ?



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