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Re: AW: ldapsearch not going through all the entries

Thank you Daniel, and hello co-listers,

On 16 May 2001, at 10:22, Tiefnig Daniel wrote:

> > when I try the following command :  
> > 
> >     ldapsearch -v -u -b 'ou=abook,dc=mydomain' '(sn=C*)' 
> > 
> > I get 50 matches
> > 
> > when I try this other command :
> > 
> >     ldapsearch -v -u -b 'ou=abook,dc=mydomain' '(sn=D*)' 
> > 
> > I get nothing:
> > 
> > ldap_init( <default>, 0 )
> > filter pattern: (sn=D*)
> > returning: ALL
> > filter is: ((sn=D*))
> > ldap_search: No such object
> > 0 matches
> hmm, are you _really_ sure, you used exactly the same command (besides the
> 'C' / 'D') for both queries..? 

Yes I'm really sure. I just pushed the up arrow key and changed 
the letter C to D.

> the LDAP message 'No such object' basically
> indicates, that your basDN ('ou=abook,dc=mydomain') wasn't found on the
> server. (meaning 'i wasn't able to find this part of the tree in my DB') so
> i wonder why the first search succeeds, and the second doesn't. (or at least
> not with this error msg)
> if your commands are correct, i really don't know what the problem could
> be..

I do not know either. If I delete all the 'C' entries in the ldif file and I 
recreate the data-base with "ldif2ldbm -i myfile.ldif"  then I get a 
result with my 'D' query (170 matches).

I have just noticed something important:

If I do ldapsearch -v -u -b 'ou=abook,dc=mydomain' '(sn=*)'

This returns 197 matches though the data-base contains 1584 

The last entry returned is also the last that ldapsearch will ever 
search, i.e. it will not search beyond that limit.

If I try to search the next entry just after the last one returned by 
the query '(sn=*)', i.e. entry number 198 the result I have is 0 
entries again with this same message

ldap_init( <default>, 0 )
filter pattern: (sn=G*)
returning: ALL
filter is: ((sn=G*))
0 matches

I looks like ldapsearch will NOT search beyond the limit of the first 
200 entries or so.

I would be glad if someone could give any hint.

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