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Re: ldapsearch not going through all the entries

At 04:08 PM 5/15/01, Tardis wrote:
>Hello. Let me re-phrase my question. 
>when I try the following command :  
>    ldapsearch -v -u -b 'ou=abook,dc=mydomain' '(sn=C*)' 
>I get 50 matches
>when I try this other command :
>    ldapsearch -v -u -b 'ou=abook,dc=mydomain' '(sn=D*)' 
>I get nothing:
>ldap_init( <default>, 0 )
>filter pattern: (sn=D*)
>returning: ALL
>filter is: ((sn=D*))
>ldap_search: No such object

This implies that requested search base could not be
located.  I would suggest you double check your input
to be sure that both searches have the same base.