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New install gone funky?

I'm on a debian woody system.  I just installed "slapd", read the FAQ on
quickstart.  I modified the domain lines to be pretty much:


# The base of your directory
suffix          "dc=internal_domain,dc=my_domain,dc=com"

# Where the database file are physically stored
directory       "/var/lib/ldap"

# Save the time that the entry gets modified
lastmod on

# For Netscape Roaming support, each user gets a roaming
# profile for which they have write access to
access to dn=".*,ou=Roaming,dc=internal_domain,dc=my_domain,dc=com"
        by dnattr=owner write


and the like....

I restart the daemon and start some testing...  I made an ldif file:

{0}:vampire:/etc/ldap>cat /home/user1/ldif 
dn: dc=internal_domain,dc=my_domain,dc=com
dc: my_domain
o: MyCompany Communications
objectclass: organization
objectclass: dcObject

dn: cn=user1,dc=internal_domain,dc=my_domain,dc=com
cn: user1
sn: user1
objectclass: person


{0}:vampire:/etc/ldap>ldapadd -D
"cn=user1,dc=internal_domain,dc=my_domain,dc=com" -W < /home/user1/ldif 
Enter LDAP Password: 
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute