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Re: slave doesn't update master ?


> that's the part of your "updateref" entry in slave slapd.conf.
> i wonder, the changes are executed on your slave server. check debug
> logging of slapd on the slave during startup. (the part where slapd reads
> slapd.conf) maybe the updateref is ignored because of an syntax error.
> (should be smth. like ldap://qualified.host.name:port)

I changed the line according to your propose. The log on the slave says :
line 64 (database^Ildbm)
line 65 (suffix^I^I"dc=test")
line 66 (rootdn^I^I"cn=LdapAdmin,ou=WIN,ou=wag,dc=test")
line 70 (rootpw      {SHA}secret)
line 71 (updatedn "cn=LdapAdmin,ou=WIN,ou=wag,dc=test")
line 72 (updateref   "ldap://wvi161:389";)
line 77 (directory^I/var/ldap/test)

I can't see an error there. I tried "ldap://wvi161:389/dc=test"; as well, with
the same (=no) result.

> check the admin guide, the manpages, the mail-archive and maybe even some
> rfc's on this topic. (search for replication, referral)

The admin guide is VERY short on replication. No (full) example, no hints,
just the most basic info how to run replication. I don't know how to make it
better, but the admin guide is no help here.

Let me cite from the man pages :
"       updateref <url>
              Specify  the referral to pass back when slapd(8) is
              asked to modify a replicated  local  database.   If
              specified multiple times, each url is provided."

This leads me to another question: how does the slave know, that a local
database is replicated ? As far as I learned from the admin guide, the only
lines I have to add to the slaves slapd.conf are

updatedn  "cn=LdapAdmin,ou=WIN,ou=wag,dc=test"
updateref "ldap://wvi161:389";

Is this enough ?

I did not check out the mail-archive for "replication,referral", neither the
rfc's but I will do so now.

Thanks for your hints !

(strange to write in english to a german speaking person ;) )

Markus Grunwald

Registered Linux User Nr 101577      PGP Key:
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