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LDAP for Authentication - User files NFS??

I am working thru my first LDAP setup, and am using this for User
Authentication.  I am using RH's openldap-1.21-15 rpms.

I am confused on how to setup the users home directorys NFS's.

I have added the entries in with ldapadd as suggested from the pdal.com
site for the /etc/fstab:  

dn: cn=fileserver:/exports/home,ou=mounts,dc=padl,dc=com
   cn: fileserver:/exports/home
   objectclass: mount
   mountDirectory: /home
   mountType: nfs
   mountDumpFrequency: 0
   mountPassNumber: 0
   mountOption: bg 
   mountOption: soft
   mountOption: timeo=6

Of course making the correct changes for my site.

I changed the /etc/nsswitch.conf file entry for automount:  ldap

I made sure I could manually mount the file system to the server that I
am authenticating from,  that works.  Of course I unmount it so I can
see if ldap will do the authentication and mount the user directory from
the ldap user entry.

Do I need to setup automount?  Or do I just change other entries in the
nsswitch.conf file.