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AW: Tree design question

> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to provide web space for our users, and I am planing to put
> all the users login names and passwords in a openLDAP directory, and
> make the FTP server authenticate using LDAP.
> The only problem I have is how and when to create the home directories
> for the users, I am thinking of two approaches:
> 1- Add new entries in special branch of the tree, e.g.
> "ou=create_commands", and make the web server scan entries in this
> branch, and for each entry create new directory and delete the entry.
> 2- Add a time stamp to each "user" entry, and make the web server search
> for new entries and create directories for them, but I am afraid the
> searching process will be very slow, and affect the authentication of
> users, specially when the number of user grows.
> Any advices on which approach is better, or if both sucks ;)
> Thanks
> - Rayed
	[Euzenot Hubert]  another possibility is to configure your ldap server to create an LDIF change file (cf replication topics) and to get this information from the replog file (there are perl api's to parse the change file which is almost in the LDIF format ) so that you won't have to scan your database each time.

	More generally, the problem is that there is no way  to trigger an action (like in databases for example) when adding/updating/deleting an entry/attribute . This would be a  VERY nice feature which would solve many problems ... . 

	hope it helps