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Re: 1.2.11 + Linux 2.4.4 grief

> 	We installed OpenLDAP 1.x on our new Linux server with the
> intention of using it as a common authentication source for our Linux
> clients as well as a few Win2K boxes (via Samba TNG).  We're using
> 1.2.11 instead of 2.x because there are nice instructions available
> for doing the Samba integration with 1.x that don't seem to exist for
> 2.x. 

There are patches that overcome a few minor problems samba-TNG had with
OpenLDAP 2.0 (I think most of these have been committed to their
HEAD cvs recently, so you don't even need to apply them).
You can follow the instructions at 


For the rest of your complains, I have no clues at present; however
you shouldn't blame OpenLDAP before you can track the problem down :)