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Re[2]: no validator for syntax

Assuming I am an LDAP newbie, which I am, what does this mean, and how can
I fix it?

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     Subject:  Re: no validator for syntax
     Author:   owner-openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
     Date:          5/9/2001 4:45 PM

The presentation addresses syntax is not implemented (as well
as the schema publishing code to hide schema elements with
unimplemented syntaxes).

At 12:12 PM 5/9/01, Mark_Symmonds@consultec-inc.com wrote:
>Our development group is having a problem with getting an ldif in with
>ldapadd, and I do not know enough of the syntax of LDAP to help them so I
>was wondering if someone here could help.  Here are the entries we are
>adding in the ldif:
>dn: c=us
>objectclass: top
>objectclass: country
>c: us
>dn: o=Company, c=us
>objectclass: top
>objectclass: organization
>o: Company
>dn: ou=Applications,o=Company, c=us
>objectclass: organizationalUnit
>objectclass: top
>ou: Applications
>dn: cn=MEVS-FL,ou=Applications,o=Company,c=us
>objectclass: top
>objectclass: applicationEntity
>presentationAddress: /florida
>cn: MEVS-FL
>When I ldapadd the first three entries went in fine; however the fourth
>entry results in the following error:
># ./ldapadd -x -f tim.ldif -D "cn=Manager, c=us" -W
>adding new entry "cn=MEVS-FL,ou=Applications,o=Company, c=us"
>ldap_add: Invalid syntax
>        additional info: no validator for syntax
>ldif_record() = 21
>We are using the core.schema and OpenLDAP 2.0.7.  Any help would be
>Mark Symmonds