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LinuxThreads, FAQ needs updating for 2.x

I've been trying to nail down what the status of OpenLDAP and
LinuxThreads is.

The FAQ is very clear on OpenLDAP 1.x and pre-emptive threads,

However, nobody has gone back and updated this message for 2.x.  I can't
seem to find the message that says 'I'm an OpenLDAP expert, I know what
the hell I'm talking about and (yes/no) you ( can/can't ) use
LinuxThreads and OpenLDAP'.

Amoung highly informative messages, I found a message in -devel from
Kurt dated August 1999 explaining that the problem with LinuxThreads is
that signal handling is broken ( not spec compliant ).  It suggested
that using the BINDv8 event library might be the way to go.  I couldn't
find a follow up to this indicating that LinuxThreads had corrected its
problems or that a suitable replacement had been found (no further
mention of BINDv8).

In October 2000, Julio Fernandez says threads wont work prior to 2.0,
try upgrading to 2.0.6 or recompile the 1.x server being used.  He
doesn't specifically say that 2.x works with pre-emptive threading.  I
hate to be pendantic, but I also don't want to get slammed for reading
in between the lines and being wrong.

The release notes for 2.0 list amoung the enhancements 'Thread Pooling',
but again, this doesn't necessarilly scream "Re-engineered for
pre-emptive threading!" which I think would be something to scream

On this list you see a lot of conflicting answers to the regular
periodic request for information on LinuxThreads and OpenLDAP.
Recently, sobral@sj.univali.br assured that LinuxThreads and OpenLDAP
1.2.11 is fine, despite the FAQ to the contrary.  Then two weeks later,
herman.meerlo@cmg.nl states as part of his question that they have
definitely seen problems with OpenLDAP and thread support

Can someone provide the finally, definitive answer.   And please updated
the FAQ.