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Re: replogfile and slurpd

Thanks for the info, I just got it to work.
I started two slurpd's -- each one running with a different replogfile defined per

Anthony Dean wrote:

> >
> >In my slapd.conf file, I have two databases configured, each with a
> >replogfile directive.  When I run slurpd, it only seems to propogate
> >changes based on the first replogfile that is defined.  The second
> >replogfile does get filled with data, but none of its information is
> >propogated.  Any ideas?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Rick Brunelle
> >
> OpenLDAP is broken in that area.  Assuming your databases can be hierarchically
> related you can use just one replogfile.  The problem is that slurpd only uses
> one replogfile.