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cn=schema search part of v3?

I noted from the archives that slapd does not respond like the
netscape server w.r.t searches of the type cn=schema, but rather
has a means of determining the schema of an object returned
via form previous query.  I also inferred from the roadmap
that not all aspects of LDAP v3 are implemented in slapd 2.0.7.

Does conformance to V3 require that searches to find out
information about the schema be of the form cn=schema,
or is it more loose like "the server must provide some
means of determining schema information?"

If responding to searches of type cn=schema is a requirement,
then when will it do so?

If not then how might one perform the following:

1) Determine all the schema locally supported by an
empty db, or more to the point, determining a schema
definition without having to instantiate an object that uses it?

2) Modify the definition of a schema dynamically through
the server as opposed to editing a schema definition file and
restarting the server?

Finally, can you guys make a list of features of V3 that aren't
supported and/or how slapd departs from the other servers?