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cannot add entry although schema checking off

I'm new with OpenLDAP and I´ve tried 4 hours without any results to add
new entries.
I'm using the LDAPBrowser  2.8.2 from Jarek Gawor and want to add some
entries to my OpenLDAP-Server (2.04).

If I connect to the Server he displays the root-DN (o=stgt.coss.de) but
If I click on it, he says: LDAP: error code 32 - No such Object.
So I cannot make any new entries.
I am connected as admin.

Heres is my slapd.conf

schemacheck 	off
database 	ldbm
suffix		"o=stgt.coss.de"
rootdn		"cn=admin,o=stgt.coss.de"
rootpw		test
directory	/var/lib/ldap
index	objectClass	eq

Is there something I forgot to configure?