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RE: Using Outlook - new question

Try adding wild cards (*) to the end and the front of your search criteria.
Outlook express, and outlook as well, are very buggy in this sense that they
seem to generate faulty search commands.
this "trick" sometimes helps a little


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> Sent: donderdag 3 mei 2001 16:06
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> Subject: Re: Using Outlook - new question
> I am also brand new to ldap.  I have it installed and can add 
> entries but
> can't search any of them using the Outlook Express Address 
> book or <start>
> <find> <people> tool.  I have set up the directory service account in
> outlook but all it tells me when I search is "There are no 
> entries in the
> directory that match your search criteria."  if I kill ldap, 
> it says "The
> specified directory service could not be reached." So I know 
> its at least
> connectiong to ldap, its just not finding anything.  I'm sure 
> I'm just an
> idiot, but I'm hoping somone else has had this problem too.
> Thanks a lot for yor help
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