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Re: Using Outlook

That is rather simple. You'll need the hostname of the LDAP server, the port on
which it is running (presumably 389) and the so-called BASE-DN with which to start the search.

I'm supposing you are running Outlook w/ the OutlookExpress engine (i.e. not
the corporate mail setup). Under Tools->Accounts, you'll find a tab called
Directory Service. Use that to create a new account with above data. When
asked whether you want to check addresses using this account I'd answer YES.
When finished, check the properties of the newly created account and fill
in the missing data.


On Thu, 3 May 2001, Martin Sieben wrote:

> Morning,
> I'm quite new to openldap software. I got the database running. I can add,
> modify and search entries using ldap***. Now the next step I want to take
> is that Outlook clients could use my sldap server the retrieve that
> information and search. I want to set up global addressbook.
> Could someone help me out how to do that?
> Martin