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Groups Explanation

Could anyone in fifty words or less (actually take as many words as you need) explain the difference between a posixGroup, groupOfNames, and groupOfUniqueNames? I'm familiar with Novell's NDS and MS Active Directory's implementation of groups. That's what I want to emulate with OpenLDAP. In other words, I want to add objects the the OpenLDAP directory (whether it be servers, applications, printers, other users, etc..) and assign permissions to the groups rather than individual users. Do I have a misconception of what OpenLDAP can do? Is this possible to do in OpenLDAP? I want to scrap NDS/Active Directory and replace it with OpenLDAP as my metadirectory. Is this possible?

BTW - I'm using OpenLDAP 2.0.7 on a RH 7.0 server

John Humphrey
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