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Can't start slapd

Hey all.  First a rundown.  I downloaded the latest release (2.0.7)
built and tested it, with this config:
./configure --with-cyrus-sasl --with-threads --with-tls
All tests passed, and I installed it without troubles.

Next, I followed the steps in the online 2.0 admin guide, to
configure slapd.conf 
All I want is to be able to store and retrieve roaming netscape
preferences, bookmarks, addressbook, etc.  I would also like to keep
an addressbook that is accessible by a limited group of users.  This
addressbook will contain many other addresses in addition to the
user base.

2 problems here.  One, I am having an unusual conceptual problem
when it comes to understanding how LDAP works, regardless of the
reading I have done (online stuff) - unusual for me, since I am a
software engineer, and have even worked on protocol design and
Two, when I try to start slapd as stated in the online guide, I get
nothing.  My /var/log/messages file has only the following to show
for it:

Apr 30 15:20:43 acadia modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module

This is logged each time I try to bring it up.
I am running RH 6.2.  I thought about going up to 7.1, but I will
have to rebuild my Cyrus IMAP server, the webserver, etc. - so I am
waiting.  Is it time to upgrade? or is this just a module I need to
build from the kernel source?

Louis LeBlanc
Fully Funded Hobbyist, KeySlapper Extrordinaire :)
http://acadia.ne.mediaone.net                Ô¿Ô¬