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Re: Concerning openldap and netscape/iplanet


Excuse my ignorance, but as far as I understand it, it seems that in order
to replicate a tree from a master to a slave, you have to have a matching
schema defined in the slave.

Now, upon trying to implement the Netscape Tree for NsCalUser into OpenLDAP,
it barfed, saying that it did not recognise the aci attribute in Top... This
came from Netscape directly.

So I added the definition of the aci attribute (and a slew of others that
were also missing, and managed to get OpenLDAP to accept this Netscape

Replication still has not occurred though...

Have you managed to replicate a tree from Netscape to OpenLDAP & vice-versa?


Jim Dutton wrote:

> Modify core.schema as follows:
> ========== core.schema ======================
> # legacy defined attribute; 1 Feb 2001, JED
> #attributetype (
> attributetype ( aci-oid
>         NAME 'aci'
>         DESC 'Access Control Instruction'
>         EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
>         SYNTAX )
> #
> # Standard object classes from RFC2256
> # modified 1 Feb 2001 - JED - add aci
> objectclass ( NAME 'top' ABSTRACT
>         MUST objectClass
>         MAY aci )
> Note that OpenLDAP does not "support" ACI so even if the attribute is
> defined, OpenLDAP will not use nor update it. Replication from Netscape
> to OpenLDAP WILL cause the attribute to be used and the Netscape ACI
> data stored. After that, Netscape doesn't care about what happens to the
> ACI attribute stored in OpenLDAP.
> On 12 Apr, Julian Gordon wrote:
> >
> > Is it possible to replicate from netscape to openldap?
> >
> > I wish to create an alias list in openldap that will be accessed by
> > postfix (or some other LDAP aware MTA), but am finding difficulty in
> > creating the schema in openldap due to the missing aci attribute
> > defined b netscape.


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