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回复: Hello

    recently , I post two letter to OpenLDAP-software mail list , I have
read your letter also , but I have not resolv the problem yet , I descirbed
it below :

   1. when I issue update action to the master slapd , the master slapd do
the update and write the replica log file , and the slurp then propagate the
date to the slave slapd, and I searched with ldapseach , and find all work
well . it prove that the update from the master to slave is work well , but
in the Admin's Guide , the picture point that we can issue update action
directly to the slave slapd , then I just try it , and find some error .
   2. when I issue the update action directory to the slave slapd , there
have some error :

     a. when I bind the slave slapd use a DN which is the same as updatedn
in the slave slapd's conf file, the slave slapd update silently , the slave
slapd update is correctly ,but it did not returen a referral to the client
which point to the master slapd.
     b. when I use a bind DN which is different from the updatedn in the
slave slapd's conf file,the slave slapd then return a Referral , and do
nothing , then I add the parameter -C to force the referral , and the system
return " Insufficient Access "
     c. so I add a ACL in the master slapd's conf file like this :
                 access to *
                         by * write
     d. at now , I issue update action again to the slave slapd , and the
slave slapd reture a referral point to the master slapd ,and the master
slapd do the update itself first ( it is correctly , I check it ) , and
write the replica log file , then the slurpd read the log file , and do the
replica action to the slave slapd , but error occured !!
     e. I check the reject file in the replica temp directory , and find
there have some error in the modifiername , but when I rectified it  by
myself ,and use the slurpd's One-Shot mode to do the rest work by myself ,
there have not any error prompt , but when I use tools to check the result
in the slave slapd's DIT , I find it do nothing at all .

my question :
     in your letter , I found that you said when you use OpenLDAP's
ldapadd/ldapmodify to update the slave slapd directly , all works well ,
please let me know you how to do that ??
indeed I searched all the letter that about this question in the
openldap-software mailing list , there is no letter said that did the slave
to master update at all , please send me your's slapd conf file ( include
the master and slave ) ,and give me the command which you use to update the
slave slapd (ldapadd or ldapmodify) , thanks very much !!

any suggest would be thanx !!

                                by China, X.D.Chen

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发件人: Vishwanath <vishwanath@inablers.net>
收件人: chenxd@openet.com.cn <chenxd@openet.com.cn>
日期: 2001年4月30日 17:39
主题: Hello

>Hello Chen,
>Please let me know the answer if you have got for your question, i did
>saw your question in openldap-software section, Even i am facing the
>same problem.
>When my client updates the DIT by connecting to slave,  updates takes
>only in slave but not in master, with the same setup if u add/modify
>with the clients given with openldap 2.0 they are in
>~/openldap/client/tools/ldapadd it works fine, i mean the client ldapadd
>talks to master and does updates and it gets replicated all over, but
>why my client is not getting referral from slave is the question !!
>Well please let me know if u gets answer for this. Even i have posted
>the same question in openldap-software division also.
>Thanx in advance
>Vishwanath K
>K Vishwanath
>iNabling Technologies Pvt Ltd
>Ph: 3104686, 3104687