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replica problem ??

    I am using OpenLDAP 2.0 for Directory Replication, when I set all the conf file done, I test my DIT system, but I find there have a bug :
1. when I update the master slapd , all the system works well, the slurpd did replicated the update info to the slave slapd , and the result is right , but when I update the slave slapd , I find the action is do on the slave slapd right , but did not return a referral to the client tool , so the slave DIT is changed and the master DIT is not changed at all.
2. I refer the OpenLDAP Admin Guide section 3, in it the big picture is point that the update infomation can return from the slave slapd to the client tools
3. I think the OpenLDAP client tools did not support all function update referral ??
4. I still have a miss : if the client tool support all function referral , so I do a update action to the slave slapd , and the slave slapd can return a update referral to the client tool , but you know ,if you want to changed a DIT ,you must have the access right , but where you input the rootdn's passwd ??
5. I read the Admin Guide and I find , the replica directive in the master's conf file, it point the binddn and the credentials , so the slurp can do the update action from the master to the slave , but in the slave slapd's conf file , there only a updatedn and updateref directive , if the slave slapd return the updateref to the client tool , and the client tool then create a new request to the master slapd , but you know , you must have a password to bind the master slapd and change its DIT, but where the password ??
any suggest would be thanks !!
                                        by China, X.D.Chen