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rm -rf openldap*

*sigh*  Guess I have to toss in the towel on this one.

I've burned waaay too much time to try to get an LDAP-based user
authentication scheme up and running and haven't even gotten out of the
starting block.

The list has been great for ideas, and it is a good thing.  I wish
everyone the best of luck!

Unfortunately, documentation (the How-To) is written from the 10,000
foot level, and the people who I have ping'ed for ideas/help who have
working installations do not offer much more information that the
typical MS exec (accurate information, but useless).  :(

I guess I should have known to run away screaming when the first
response I received from a post to the mailing list was the suggestion
to run kerberos rather than ldap.  :)

Again, thanks for all of the ideas!  Maybe I will come back to this when
I have time to burn (and my frustration level has dropped)...


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