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RE: Building slurpd with thread support and slapd without

> At 05:39 AM 4/26/01, Herman Meerlo wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >can anyone tell me how I can build openLDAP where slurpd 
> (off course) has
> >thread support and slapd hasn't? We have a problem with 
> thread support for
> >the slapd but if we use -without-threads for configure then 
> the slurpd is
> >not built at all (because it needs thread support).
> ./configure --without-threads
> make and install
> make veryclean
> ./configure --with-threads
> make, cd servers/slurpd, install
> Kurt

That is almost my solution as well only I was not sure whether slapd and
slurpd shared libraries that linked against thread libraries somehow. So
what I did was the following :

./configure --with-threads --disable-shared
backup slurpd
make veryclean
./configure --without-threads
make install
copy backed up slurpd to installation dir

Does that seem okay to you ?