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RE: [ldap-nis] Win2K and Linux passwd/group info

>I'd like to use a Microsoft Active Directory as master authentication server
>to serve windows and an OpenLDAP server (on solaris or linux) along with
>PADL.com's ypldap server as a NIS gateway to provide NIS maps to client

We are looking at the possibility of having ypldapd use the Active 
Directory schema.

>My concern is can a OpenLDAP server be configured as a slave (replica ) of
>miscroft AD server to provide all neccessary infor that required by NIS
>while the actual information are stored in microsoft AD ?

AD uses a proprietary, DCE RPC based replication protocol. It may be
possible to configure OpenLDAP as a proxy frontend to AD, though,
but this may not offer you any benefits (except possibly for attribute

-- Luke

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