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RE: C API (Examples)

I have found the the best source C API info to be the various rfc's.  You
can find these in the openldap distr dir:

      rfc1823.txt (original LDAPv2 C API rfc)

      draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-xx.txt (update to support LDAPv3)


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Subject: C API (Examples)

I am looking for a URL that has GNU (GCC) opensource C API examples for
OpenLDAP.  Currently I am writing most of my administration programs in
KSH, and would port them to C.  I have a Netscape LDAP related programming
book, and the examples seem to use fucntions not support in the OpenLDAP
(ldap.h) header.  OpenSource examples would be nice

-Rory Savage