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Re: Book/s


Mittwoch, 25. April 2001, 16:57:58, schrieben sie:
CB> I'm looking for a suitable book that has extensive use of OpenLdap 2.x . Is
CB> there currently any such book? If not can you point me to an online source
CB> where I can get in dept information on OpenLDAP and LDAP in general.

I've just bought a very fresh german Book.
"LDAP unter Linux"
>From Jens Banning

I'm not satisfied by the book.
It's superficial and leave out nearly every specialty of ACLs and such
things. Objectclasses and Attributes are only discribed in old format.
But it seems to be a great deal if you want to learn about the general
features of OpenLDAP.
It's good for very normal and easy jobs.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Felix Meulenkamp 

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