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Re: Possible to recover data in .gdbm files?

Find the latest copy of id2entry.XXX  (where XXX is gdbm or dbb or dbh
or whatever fits your choosen backend).  Then use slapcat (or ldbmcat
if using 1.2) to generate an LDIF.  Use this LDIF to regenerate your


At 08:59 PM 4/23/01, Dana R. Canfield wrote:
>I made a typo and managed to blow away my index2entry file.  I have a
>backup, so it's not the end of the world, but this backup is old enough
>that there is were probably a significant number of changes.  All of the
>other .gdbm files are still intact.  Is there any way to either rebuild
>the index2entry file based on these other files, or to at least get the
>info in the other files into some format so that I can somehow manually
>replace some of the data?
>Any other suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.