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I'm looking for some proofreaders of a technical presentation I'm preparing.  It
deals mostly with Krb5 but does mention integration with LDAP/SASL-GSSAPI.  I
just need to know I'm not mis-stating something or overlooking something.  It is
a rather largish Star-Impress file (343k) but I can export to PPT.  This will be
presented to the Kalamazoo Linux users group (http://www.kalamazoolinux.org) on
the 17th of July.

Since some people on this seem to use (or try to use :) Krb5/LDAP/SASL I thought
it would be a good place to ask

If your kind enough to look at it, you can get it from:

It is GPL of course,  you may abuse it in any way you like.  My next project is
OpenLDAP 2.x.

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