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Problem with OpenLDAP, TLS and pam_ldap


    I'm having a problem with one of my servers...  I've installed
pam_ldap using TLS on a few servers, including my working slave ldap
server (using tls as well for replication)....

When I installed it on my master ldap server, and tried to log in with
ssh, I got this error in my syslog:

pam_ldap: ldap_start_tls_s Encoding error

I recompiled and reinstalled OpenLDAP from ports (I'm running FreeBSD
4.2), and recompiled and reinstalled pam_ldap, with no change in

This doesn't happen on any other servers, with very similar
All the same version of FreeBSD, one of them even running slapd (the
slave ldap server), identical ldap.conf configuration files, etc..)

I'm a little baffled, does anyone know how this could be resolved???


Eric Parusel
Systems Administrator