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access priv help

Can someone please assist me on setting granular access privs?  I've read
the admin guide and searched the lists, but still need help.

Red Hat 6.2

I have a classic OrgUnit, ou=Employees,o=GBB,c=US.  I would like to give
everyone write permissions to self, read permissions on cn, username,
telephonenumber etc. and no permissions on hometelephonenumber.  Basically I
would like some attributes private, most public, and authentification
possible against attributes username & userpassword.

If someone can mail me a similar slapd.conf as an example that would be
great. Here was my attempt:

access to dn="ou=Employees,o=GBB,c=US"
 by dn="cn=Admin,o=GBB,c=US" write
 by * search
 by self write

access to  dn="ou=Employees,o=GBB,c=US"
  by * read