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AW: LDAP filters

> I am curious if there is any way to specify a search filter 
> such that any
> search against the server would return the cn: attributes in 
> a particular
> order.  Currently we have two values for cn:.  We would like 
> to have the
> server return the cn: which is not equal to the uid: first 
> and the other
> cn: attribute second.

can't think of a way, doing this with standard slapd.. but you might write a
program that meets you specs.. (the prog. listens to port 389, accepting
connection thought for the ldap server, connects to port whatever on the
same  (or other) host, where slapd listens, retrieves the values, and
returns everything cyrillic with a strong foreign accent of your choice..
(or any other format you might want to choose) :o) )

but.. i think you should try to avoid the multiple cn values at all, if
possible in any way..