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userSMIMECertificate in inetOrgPerson

I've been reading through the mailing list to try to come up with a way
for my Netscape Messenger/Navigator to find a certificate for a given
email user in OpenLDAP (I'm using the new 2.0.7).  Like the other users,
Navigator can show the details of the cert contained in
userCertificate;binary:: but will not return that cert when a Messenger
directory lookup is used.  The mailing list discussions say that I
should be using the userSMIMECertificate attribute, which is what
Netscape apparently looks for keyed on the the e-mail address.

Has anyone come up with an example (or see an example posted) of a
sample ldif entry for using userSMIMECertificate in inetOrgPerson?

I saw the message from Jeff Weinstein explaining how I should create a
zero-body S/MIME signed message and use it for the userSMIMECertificate
(http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/199904/msg00037.html), but
I can't make an entry in my ldif that ldapadd will accept.

I appreciate any information or pointers related to this problem.