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"Restrict user access to certain hosts"

Hellow all ! I have one question to you !

For example: I have one central Open-LDAP server, which store all
localuser base with passwords and so forth. On ldap-client mashines (
database servers ) in ldap.conf file I point Open-LDAP server IP adress
and in nsswitch.conf -
type "ldap"... 
So clients, when they login to these servers, authenticate on

How can I restrict user access to database servers,in another words, 
how can I point on LDAPserver, that, for example user with dn :
"uid=test,ou=..,o=..,c=.." can login on server one.example.lv,
but can't login on two.example.lv. Which ldap attributes i must turn on

Thank you beforehand !
mailto: lazarenk@pirmabanka.lv