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how to add one attribut in each entry with ldapmodify?

hi list,
we are about to extend our schema but how can I add a special
attribute to all DN´s with ldapmodify?

ldapmodify -c -D "cn=Manager, o=econia, c=de" -W -f add.ldif

here is the content of add.ldif:

dn: CN=Andre Doehn, o=econia,c=de
changetype: modify
add: userpassword
userpassword: econia2001
add: objectclass
objectclass: econiaPerson
add: ewaGeneralAccess
ewaGeneralAccess: TRUE
add: ewaInviteSuppliers
ewaInviteSuppliers: FALSE
add: ewaPressAccess
ewaPressAccess: FALSE

..this works great when I try to modify my own schema but how to change all
DN´s with
these special attributes?