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Re: Imap and Openldap

>I need to authenticate alone Imap with ldap and not with the users of
>the system.How do I disable the users of the system for the imap

First,  the PAM list is probably a better place to post this.

Under PAM each service has it's own authentication stack in /etc/pam.d,  so
having IMAP and "login" use diffrent auth procedures is easy.  But users of both
probably need to be resolvable via NSS so make sure your uidNumbers between your
authentication sources don't overlap.

>I am using Red Hat 7.0, Imap 4.7, OpenLdap, nsswitch and pam

I have a presentation about PAM & NSS at 

We use the pam_listfile modules to limit the login (telnet/ssh) rights on our
servers to those in the admin group,  while still letting all other users use
services such as IMAP, etc...

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