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Re: bad news for solaris 8, LDAP, and TLS

On Sun, 15 Apr 2001 phil@bolthole.com wrote:

phil> Bad news for anyone who is planning to try getting TLS and openldap
phil> to work with the solaris clients:
phil> I just heard from someone reasonably close to the LDAP development in sun,
phil> that the solaris clients in solaris 8 DOESN'T SUPPORT TLS.
phil> [as in, "there's no TLS code in there"]
phil> sigh.
phil> So, choices for secure LDAP are to either use the third-party
phil> pam_ldap, or wait until solaris 9

	You can also use stunnel (http://stunnel.mirt.net/) to solve this
problem! pam_ldap will only solve authentication problems...

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