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Re: Building openldap 2.0.7 with Berkeley DB 2.7.7 on BSDI 4.1

Mon, 16 Apr 2001, la CK Cheung(ckche@pacific.net.hk) cusku di'e
> 	I think I have problem in disable the default Berkeley DB of
> BSDI 4.1, therefore, the "make test" fail.

Hi. I've met the same problem. There is a minor error in
./configuration file that LDBM should never be disabled
(as what README said)....

> 	I have install Berkeley DB 2.7.7 in /usr/local/Berkeley-2.7.7. I
> already add the -I/usr/local/Berkeley-2.7.7/BerkeleyDB/include and
> -L/usr/local/Berkeley-2.7.7/BerkeleyDB/lib in configure stage. However,
> I think ldap still find the default libdb.a of BSDI 4.1.
> 	May I know how do you build your openldap 2.0.7 with BSDI 4.1 ?
> Thank you.

I expect that your 'ld' found libdb.a first. It's a common problem..
Since you use -L, I think your system supports dynamic library. You
may temporarily move libdb.a to another directory and after compilation
move it back again.

My problem was a bit more tricky, but solved...
There is no --with-libraries nor --with-includes in ./configure,
so that I'd always use "LIBS=-L... ./configure" to link against
the BerkeleyDB that is in /usr/local/BerkeleyDB. ./configure tried
to find db.h everywhere but not its default path (default is
BerkeleyDB-2.*) ... maybe it should be modified...

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