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help - system config


my system configuration is 
20 GB h/d

how many entries can this support 
if each entry has some 15 attributes
of size 15 chars (including attr & val)
i am using (for testing / learning )only one master
server now and two slave servers on which nodes of
tree are being replicated
i am using openldap 1.2.9-5 on Redhat 6.2

two more questions please 
what are threads and how do i make advantage of them
how do i implement them

i understood the difference between synchonous and
asynchronous mode theoratically how do i use it 
and is openldap 1.2.9-5 synchronous or asynchronous

or point me to the right direction where i can find
more on this

please someone help a newbie 
thanks in advance 
regards shell
--- Ron Chmara <ron@Opus1.COM> wrote:
> On Wednesday, April 11, 2001, at 12:45  PM, Rafael
> Neitzel wrote:
> > What is the limits for OpenLDAP 1.2 and 2.0.7?
> > - # of entries
> > - Size o DB
> > - # SRCH Per second
> > There are any people who run OpenLDAP with 2
> Millions of entries or
> > greater?
> You need to write clearer questions about the
> limits. Since openldap
> can be distributed on multiple servers, there aren't
> *any* hard limits. 
> Depending
> on the database engine and filesystem, that can
> affect the limits per 
> node,
> but if you have 500 openldap servers, you could
> easily handle many more
> entries than if you only have one old 486/66 machine
> with a 200Mb hard 
> drive.
> If you are referring to "on a single server", even
> then, these limits 
> depend on
> your hardware, your OS, your choice in backends.
> I recommend that you instead create sample data
> sets, and test those
> yourself, to see what choices will accomodate your
> data set.
> -Ronabop

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