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Re: DB Cleaning! Please help!

You can kill all slapd services running.  Then just delete the database, the location of the db is indicated in the slapd.conf file by the directory line.  In my case it is /var/lib/ldap/.  Just remove the files from there, not the directory itself.

Start slapd up again and you should be able to import your ldif.


Rick Kukiela wrote:


I want to clean out my entire LDAP db because I have a new LDIF will all
updated information I would like to import using the ldapadd command.
Unfortunatly, I cannot do that until the db is empty because I get entry
already exists errors. Is there a simply way to start the DB from scratch so
that I can re-import everything?

Please help! I have been searching the web and list archives for about 3
days now and can't seem to find anything!!

Rick Kukiela

Daniell Freed
Computer Services
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