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RE: WWW LDAP frontends?

Hello Thomas,

Yes I do have a lot of experience with it, as  I work as a consultant with
Siemens Netherlands, en wo do professionally tune and configure DirX
x500/ldap server, DirXweb, DirXmetahub ( a meta-directory tool) and DirXwap
(a tool to look up information from the ldap server by wap)

Indeed it is very powerfull and configurable, but this also means it is
sometimes hard to configure, due to the many possibilities.

You can contact the local Siemens office in your country if you want any

(As far as I know, there is no demo available on the internet.)

If you have some specific questions, you can also ask them directly to me.


Dolf Smits

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> Sent: dinsdag 10 april 2001 14:27
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> Subject: Re: WWW LDAP frontends? 
> I recently got aware of a commercial product from Siemens, DirXweb
> which seems to be rather powerful and configurable. Available 
> for Solaris
> and Windows NT.
> Info about DirXweb
>   http://www.ic.siemens.com/CDA/Site/pss/1,1294,208475-1-999,00.html
> Datasheet:
> http://www.ic.siemens.com/Daten/Produkt/2001/03/27/210264DirXweb_E.pdf
> It is individually available, without a DirX LDAP/X.500 server. It is
> implemented as a Java servlet configurable via DSL (DirXweb script
> language) which is embedded into HTML pages.
> I haven't seen a life demo of it nor do I know yet how expensive it
> might be. Has anyone experience out there?
> Thomas
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