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Schema definition problem?


I have defined my own attribute and objectclass as follows (the OIDs are placeholders until I receive mine...)

attributetype ( NAME 'mytype'
 DESC 'this is my type, put a string in it'
 EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
 ORDERING caseIgnoreOrderingMatch
 SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
 SYNTAX{32} )

objectclass ( NAME 'ff_config'
 SUP organizationalUnit
 MUST (ff_auth_type) )

When I attempt to add an entry using the following:

dn: ou=config,dc=filefish,dc=com
objectclass: ff_config
ou: config
st: 111 test street
my_type: someValue

I get the following error: attribute description contains inappropriate characters

And I cannot discern why... everything in the schema definition looks correct to me. Also, I cannot add the entry without the attribute as it's required, so that's parsing. I even enabled debugging and the schema seems to parse just fine... any ideas? Am I just completely missing something stupid?