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Re: openldap unstable on Solaris 2.6 SPARC

At 15:58 9/04/01 +0800, X.D.Chen wrote:
   From my experience , I know there no useful backend DataBase on Solaris ,
if you want to use OpenLDAP, you must intall a backend DB by yourself , I
have intalled GDBM ( download from gnu site) , and it works well for me. so
what backend DB which you installed ?

I have Berkeley DB 3.2.9 installed, (January 24, 2001). Is this a buggy version?

Bye for now,
Ward Vandewege,
Better Access NV.

                               Lucky :P) by X.D.Chen
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Ö÷Ìâ: openldap unstable on Solaris 2.6 SPARC

> >Hi all, > >I have a problem with an unstable openldap tree on a Solaris 2.6 box. >Here's some information about the setup: > >OpenLDAP 2.0.7 >Solaris 2.6 with patches (I can provide a list if necessary) >qmail-ldap setup > >The effect is that the openldap server simply dies, with nothing special in >the logs on loglevel 256. Sometimes it dies 2 times a day, sometimes it >works fine for three days. This machine is located offsite, so I have asked >to change the loglevel to 255 and see what that gives, I will pass the >findings on to this list. > >Also, we have noticed that slapcat gives errors when trying to create an >ldif file of the database. This is the typical output: > ># /usr/local/sbin/slapcat -l /usr/local/etc/openldap/outputfile.ldif ># no data for entry id=00000b9 > >Only with the -c option it will continue and generate an ldif file, but >generates about 70 of these 'no data' errors. The -v option shows that many >records are processed until it reaches the ones with errors. > >It looks like the database somehow got corrupted, I wonder if this could >cause the openldap server to choke sometimes? Maybe it dies when one of the >invalid records is accessed by the qmail server? > >I would greatly appreciate any ideas/comments/suggestions. > >Bye for now, >Ward Vandewege, >Better Access NV. >-- >I code therefore I am. > > >

-- I code therefore I am.