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回复: slapd connection delays

    I sometime encounter the same problem with you, when I use ldapsearch ,
there sometime run a long time to display the result, but in fact my LDAP
DIT have not large data, so I think there may be some but in the 2.0.6 LDAP
slapd . but if the client write by myself , it works well , I suggest you
use a client by yourself , just try to a test , and you can turn off the
timeout restriction by using the ldap_set_option function .

                             lucky :P) by China, X.D.Chen

-----Original Message-----
发件人: Noah Adams <nadams@cecm.sfu.ca>
收件人: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org <openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org>
日期: 2001年4月9日 15:08
主题: slapd connection delays

>I am attempting to use ldap as an authentication backend for a network
>of linux machines. The machines are all running debian woody, and the
>ldap server is running the latest slapd in debian unstable. After
>configuring libnss-ldap and pam-ldap on the ldap server, everything
>seemed to be working fine; However, only on the server machine itself,
>all of the other machines encounter a timeout whenever they try to do
>anything involving ldap (chmodding a file to a user in the ldap tree,
>trying to login, etc.). Using netstat, i noticed that there was a
>connection during this period to the ldap server, but nothing seemed to
>happen on the client end until it hit the timeout, where it of course
>gives up.
>In fact, even running an ldap browser (gq) there is about a 30 second
>delay while connecting to the server, it seems to get stuck on a call to
>ldap_simple_bind_s(); for the duration of the delay. As I said before
>though, everything is nearly instantaneous on the server machine itself.
>The machines are all on a 10 Base-T lan, attached to the same hub in
>fact, and are all relatively new (nothing below 800 MHz) so I don't
>believe hardware is the problem, also, all other services (ssh, http and
>nfs) seem to work fine, so I don't believe it's the network either.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated,
>Noah Adams