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slapd connection delays


I am attempting to use ldap as an authentication backend for a network
of linux machines. The machines are all running debian woody, and the
ldap server is running the latest slapd in debian unstable. After
configuring libnss-ldap and pam-ldap on the ldap server, everything
seemed to be working fine; However, only on the server machine itself,
all of the other machines encounter a timeout whenever they try to do
anything involving ldap (chmodding a file to a user in the ldap tree,
trying to login, etc.). Using netstat, i noticed that there was a
connection during this period to the ldap server, but nothing seemed to
happen on the client end until it hit the timeout, where it of course
gives up. 

In fact, even running an ldap browser (gq) there is about a 30 second
delay while connecting to the server, it seems to get stuck on a call to
ldap_simple_bind_s(); for the duration of the delay. As I said before
though, everything is nearly instantaneous on the server machine itself.
The machines are all on a 10 Base-T lan, attached to the same hub in
fact, and are all relatively new (nothing below 800 MHz) so I don't
believe hardware is the problem, also, all other services (ssh, http and
nfs) seem to work fine, so I don't believe it's the network either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Noah Adams