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LDAP problems

I have two problems I was wondering if anyone out there could help me

- Firstly I would like to now how to use MySQL as a backend to OpenLDAP,
  have seen several mentions of this issue in mailing lists and somebody
  there said they were going to work on this project a few years ago.
  Does anybody know where I can get instructions on how to do this, and
  config files etc?

- Secondly when pointing Outlook 97/2000 clients at the LDAP server one
can use
  the LDAP service to check whether names exist on the server, but is
there any
  way of getting Outlook to treat the LDAP server as a Global Address
List such
  that a user may select names from a list and add them to the to:, cc:
and bcc:

I'd appreciate any help at all on the above issues...  Thank you! =)


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