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Re: WWW LDAP frontends?

Hello J,

* J wrote:

> My company is waffling between using OpenLDAP and upgrading our
> Netscape Directory.  OpenLDAP gets strong preference for being GPL,
> but unfortunately, the interface gets a lot of weight too.
> Searching casually on openldap.org and freshmeat, as well as
> Google-searching, hasn't turned up much that seems similar in scope &
> style to NS's interface.  Is there anything out there that compares
> favorably with it?  Especially in Perl or PHP, so that we can monkey
> with it ourselves?  I'd write my own, but have about four kajillion
> other things demanding my time, so, well, you get the picture.
> Any pointers greatly appreciated.

I don't know what NS's interface is, but here is a good
PHP3-Interface for LDAP:


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